The books are all printed and are now officially shipping from Ravelry and I have this brilliant video to show you taken during the shoot in Shetland (at Belmont House). So awesome to be sharing it with you when I am back in this beautiful landscape and about to do the first trunk show and signing for the new collection!!
Kathy Cadigan and her friend Shawna put this together and I just love it so much!!

The Shetland Trader Book Two from Kathy Cadigan on Vimeo.

I’m sure most of you who visit this site know by now that I have been working on a 2nd collection of Shetland inspired patterns. Well Shetland Trader-Book Two is being printed as I type and should be ready for shipping by beginning of October (with the ebook becoming available in only a matter of days)!!

Just to whet your appetite you can view the lookbook which includes details on yarn/needle requirements for all the patterns as well as lots of lovely images (courtesy of my photographer for this collection Kathy Cadigan).

Click Here to pre-order this collection.

Yes I am well overdue a blog post …..hope some of you are still out there and willing to read!!

It’s been a very busy few months of traveling and teaching and secretly working on a new Shetland trader book…..hence the neglect that this space had suffered!

However I really wanted to share some photos from my most recent adventure to Shetland where I hosted my very own group for the first time. Here are just a few of the highlights:

The lovely group…12 in total…all so awesome and brilliant fun!!

(photo credit to Lori Ann Graham of loritimesfive blog)

The accommodations for the week….beautiful Burrastow House on the West side of Shetland…..we had the place to ourselves….

Shetland ponies and foals everywhere…….

Visit to a local croft that produces organic Shetland wool….Mary Jane has a go at hand clipping with some help from Ronnie Eunson…

Our trusty vehicle for the week….made a nice sheltered spot for the sheep apparently!

(photo credit to Lori Ann Graham of loritimesfive blog)

Puffins were seen…..

(From loritimesfiveblog)

(photo credit to Lori Ann Graham of loritimesfive blog)

Chat about the fleece sorting process with Oliver Henry of Jamieson & Smith…..

A visit to Hermaness for more viewing of birds and some courageous sheep (can just see Muckle Flugga in the background-most northerly lighthouse in the UK)

Bressay dresses were worn!!

So hot on the first day that swimming was required (by some-not all-of course Mary Jane went in)!

The swimmers outside Burrastow house.

Mary Jane’s Fair Isle class (one of 3 workshops that the group took part in).

Loads of delicious dinners at this table-beautifully presented by chef and Burrastow owner Pierre Dupont

….and plenty of Simmer Dim…..(Shetland summer twilight)….

Can’t wait to go back in October and do it all again during Wool Week!!

With over a 1000 projects on Ravelry, Levenwick is one of my most popular patterns. I’ve seen so many gorgeous versions of this cardigan over the last couple of years and recently decided that it would work well for the younger girls too. So now you can make a Wee Levenwick for the littles in your life!

I made the sample to fit my gorgeous niece and was able to take photos of her in it when I was over in Scotland last October.

She was quite the model and perfected slowly walking towards the camera like a pro….

but every now and then she needed to let loose…….


………….proof that Levenwick can withstand rigorous activities!!

Pattern info here.

We have had so much interest in our trip to Shetland in July that we have decided to add another! This one is going to take place during Shetland Wool Week in October! It is already filling up so act quickly if you’d like to join us!

In fact a couple of people from our summer trip have changed to the October one so we now have 2 spots available for that trip too!

Dates for Summer are July 27th-August 3rd and the Wool Week trip will be October 3rd-October 10th .

I have been busy lining up all sorts of awesome events and visits for both of these trips and they will be equally fun and packed with awesomeness!!
Take a look at the pdf below for more enticing information and feel free to ask any questions via the contact button at the top of this webpage!

What better day than today (when many of us have had enough of winter) to remind you all about the fabulous opportunity to visit beautiful Block Island in May (when it will most certainly be spring)! I am so excited to get the opportunity to return here as I had such a great time last year.

In fact it was so much fun that the North Light Fibers folk are putting on two different retreats this year! You can do one or have a full week of fiber fun and do both. This time I will be joined by Mary Jane Mucklestone and Franklin Habit for the first weekend and then Melissa Leapman, Deborah Newton and Gwen Bortner head up the 2nd weekend. Lots of great classes and time to explore the island.

Click on the brochure below for more info!


My second Creativebug video is up!

Knit A Lace Shawl!

Here’s the blurb that goes with this one:

In this class, knitwear designer Gudrun shares one of her patterns for making a beautiful Shetland-inspired lace shawl. Worked up in lace-weight yarn, this shawl has a slightly unusual construction—the decorative edge is worked as a strip in an eyelet lace pattern, and then the stitches are picked up along one long edge and worked in garter stitch. This garter-stitch section is shaped with short rows, adding rich texture and a lovely curve to this delicate wrap. This is the perfect project for an intermediate lace knitter (or an ambitious beginner), and it’s a great opportunity to use that one big skein of boutique lace-weight or fingering-weight yarn that you’ve been saving for a worthy project.

Back in October I spent several days in San Francisco with the amazing Creativebug team filming some online knitting classes! Today I went live on their site and my first class is now available!

This workshop will walk you through everything you need to know to knit a cardigan using a top down seamless construction using a short row method to shape the sleeve cap. You’ll be shown how to use 2 different short row methods, how to pick up stitches, work an I-Cord bind off, create a simple lace and shape using darts. The collar on this cardigan is also optional and added at the very end so it’s easy to leave it off if you prefer!

I have a couple of other classes on the way in the coming months!

Hope you enjoy!

Happy New Year! I hope yours is off to a truly great start!

As I bundle up in these frigid January temps (only 1 degree here this morning) I am thinking about all of the exciting trips and events I have planned later in the year. I will be telling you all about them in greater detail but some of the destinations include the West Coast of the US, Block Island, Squam (of course) and Alaska!

I am looking forward to each and every one of these but there is one trip this year that is of particular importance to me! I will be running my own trip along with Mary Jane Mucklestone to Shetland in July!

The trip is already full but we are taking names for a wait list. So if you’re interested be sure to drop me a line (you can use the contact form at the top of the page).

We hope to run this trip again next year (maybe even more than once if there is enough interest).

The other exciting aspect of this is that I will be shooting a new Shetland Trader Collection while there! I know…about time for book number 2! As you can imagine I am very busy putting it all together right now!

More about the other trips soon!

What better day to release a new pattern than on a snowed-in chilly Sunday!
Introducing Fethaland -A slouchy beanie featuring a lovely zig zagging Fair Isle pattern.

My daughter Maya and her friend Ava are avid slouchy hat wearers at the moment and our household was in sore need of some more options. It’s also my favourite style of hat to wear so these are selfishly for my own noggin too!

These girls braved the frigid pre-storm temps for me yesterday so that I could get some photos of two besties in their beanies! We headed down to our already frozen lake for a little foot skating in the gently falling snow.

Fethaland is worked in Brooklyn Tweed Loft. It’s a never ending adventure seeing how the same Fair Isle pattern can look in different colour groupings. I love how both of these palettes look and I’ll definitely be experimenting further as I have a notion that I’ll need to make some more before the holidays are over!

All the details can be found over on Ravelry. I’m off to cast on another one and snuggle up inside for the day.

BTW- Fethaland is the name of a headland in Shetland!